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Our Story

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The founder of Propulsion Software has owned and operated several businesses throughout his career primarily in the software space. To further diversify, the founder acquired a manufacturing operation based in Indiana. This newly acquired manufacturing operation was heavily invested in the aerospace industry but lacked the AS9100 certification. In order to become AS9100 certified, the manufacturing operation needed a better means of tracking product, non conformity, and operational processes.

Being software-minded, the founder set out to find software to aid in the certification of the manufacturing operation. The founder and manufacturing staff were stunned to come up empty handed. The software on the market seemed to be more centered around accounting, not manufacturing; so the founder embarked on building his own. The birth of Propulsion Software was overwhelmingly successful. The manufacturing operation was certified in a few short months, yearly surveillance audits now took half a day instead of a week, and the customers threw more business the founder’s way because of the data visibility Propulsion provided them. No longer did customers need to send project managers to track down their parts; instead they logged on to Propulsion’s portal to see the product’s manufacturing progression in real-time.

Since then Propulsion Software has been commercialized for the manufacturing industry, which we provide a true means of tracking product from the lowest to the highest operational levels.