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August 23, 2016
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October 6, 2016
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Data at Every Level

Data is the heart of your business, which is essential for making business decisions. What’s the impact if data is inaccurate? Inaccurate data can be detrimental to an organization and their bottom line. How can data become inaccurate? In terms of manufacturing, data is everywhere. No longer do manufacturers solely produce their products; they also produce data about their products. To be a customer-centric manufacturer, data about product must be supplied to the customer in a timely fashion. If your methods for collecting data are cumbersome and not reflective of accuracy, will customers consider your organization for future work?

There are numerous inefficient methods for collecting data. Organizations typically overestimate the quality of their data and underestimate the cost of errors. When it comes to providing data to the business’ decision makers, how is data collected? Verbally communicated? Written down on paper? Massaged in an Excel spreadsheet? These methods leave a lot of room for error. Not only is there room for error but there is the potential to lose data. Whether the data be lost in a facility, thrown away, or a computer hard drive crashes. Less than 50% of companies claim to be very confident in the quality of their data.

What do manufacturers do in order to become more confident in the quality of their data? Manufacturers need to start at ground zero, their operations. This is the quintessential facet of manufacturing. If you cannot manufacture widgets and products, then how is the business going to survive? The same goes with collecting accurate data. Starting at the plant floor feeds and drives data to the upper levels of your organization. If you don’t start here you will not have accurate data you need to optimize what you do best.

Propulsion Software takes a scalable and collaborative approach for providing accurate data. Propulsion Software is a suite of MRP applications that provides businesses with crucial data. From quoting to accounting, Propulsion Software provides granular visibility into your manufacturing operations.

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